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22 Oct 2022

International Tournament XVIII Clemente Vázquez in Memoriam 2022

Pico Blanco Lounge at Saint John's Hotel
Pico Blanco Lounge at Saint John's Hotel

  International Tournament XVIII Clemente Vázquez in Memoriam 2022 The strong tournament is underway at the Pico Blanco of the Hotel Saint John's in Havana Cuba with the participation of 20 teachers divided into two groups. Elite with category 7 and an average elo of 2409 valid for the Grand Master norm and Premier group valid for the International Master norm.


27 Aug 2022
Hotel Sunbeach Varadero
Hotel Sunbeach Varadero

Already with thirteen graduates and more are expected.1st Varadero Chess Open 2022

The event is emerging as an excellent recreational sports option on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The event scheduled for September 28 to October 2, at the Sunbeach Hotel promises to become in a short time one of the best

country tournaments. On this first occasion arising from the joint effort

of many factors, they have been able in a short time to organize something that really

Caribbean chess players expected this year. However, they have already signed up.

more than 70 participants. It is very encouraging for Cuban Chess and

Latin American this option for years to come.

Thank you Matanzas!!

Registrations will be made exclusively through whatsapp to number 52844075, addressed to Raúl Cepero, the organizer. Registration closes on September 25. Or before if the available capacities are completed.

27 Aug 2022
WIM Yoana Gonzalez Ochoa
WIM Yoana Gonzalez Ochoa

  The "Francisco Martínez" chess tournament ended this Friday, with the victory in the main group of the international teacher from Havana Yoana Gonzalez Ochoa, who had a luxurious closing by winning the three matches of the last round, her counterpart Roxangel Obregón Garcia He won the silver and Alián Borroto from Avilanian was 3rd. The other group winners were: Leduard González (CMG) with 8½ out of 9, Leinier Navarro (CFG), Carlos González Garay (CFG), Derek Alejandro González Hernández (VCL), Lorena Montejo Bello (VCL) and Jorge Alberto Peña (CFG)


27 Aug 2022

Ernesto Fernández secures his second Grand Master Standard XXIII Sants International Open - Ciutat de Barcelona Group A

After finishing the eighth round, the Cubans continue

Ernesto Javier Fernández Guillen and Dylan Isidro Berdayes Asón with possibilities podium at the XXIII International Open of Sants - City of Barcelona Group A

Today the tables with their rivals on duty they assured to play tomorrow in the third and fourth table of the contest respectively.

With two rounds to go, Fernández Guillen is only half a unit behind the leader and second in the general table, but the most significant thing is that with the today's tables he himself achieves his second Grand Master Norm which is a less pressure to face the last rounds of the event.

Dylan who is a full unit away from the leader and in 12th place he could achieve his second GM Norm to win tomorrow with black against GM Fernando Peralta 2595 from Argentina.

IM Ernesto Javier Fernandez Guillen
IM Ernesto Javier Fernandez Guillen
26 Aug 2022

Will a Cuban win this great tournament? XXIII Open Internacional de Sants - Ciutat de Barcelona Group A

The International Masters Cubans Ernesto Javier Fernández Guillen and Dylan Isidro Berdayes Ason find themselves having a spectacular result in the very strong XXIII Open Internacional de Sants - Ciutat de Barcelona Group A

In a contest with 39 countries and a total of 15 Great World-class teachers in Barcelona. Young Cubans have managed to stay in the top positions despite the great advantages in terms of title and rating of his rivals. With three rounds to go, they meet great podium chances.

With this performance plus excellent performances his elo coefficients will increase and in Dylan's case it currently exceeds the number of 2500 points.

Those also from the capital demonstrate their quality in the world and convincingly.

Cuban chess needs more opportunities and will continue to harvest great teachers to the largest of the Antilles that already add up to 46 GM and 12 WGM.

25 Aug 2022

Varadero Open Tournament 2022 


The Municipal Chess Directorate of Cárdenas in Matanzas convenes

to participate in:


The event will be held from September 28 to October 2, in

the Sunbeach Hotel (Known as ¨Bellamar¨, located on Calle 17, Varadero.

Two will be held

open groups of 30 players each.

Group A- players over 2000 rating

Group B- Players with less than 2000 elo.

The entire event will be played under the Swiss system with 9 rounds,

with a game rhythm of 1 hour + 30 seconds of bonus per play.

The players who

attend from the provinces do so by their own means, and we will only have available

accommodation with an offer at the competitor's hotel. it's not possible

secure other room and board.

Entries will be made exclusively through

whatsapp to number 52844075, addressed to Raúl Cepero the organizer. the closure

of inscriptions will be on September 25. Or sooner if completed

available capacities.

Hotel Sunbeach Varadero
Hotel Sunbeach Varadero
24 Aug 2022
GM Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera
GM Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera

Mirandela Open Champion and overcome the barrier of 2600✅

I cannot miss the opportunity to thank each of my coaches, friends and people who have been part of my training from the beginning, as well as my family and wife for being fundamental pillars throughout this process.

The path is just beginning, but with God everything is possible. ALL GLORY BE TO HIM!

Thank you all for the support🙏

Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera

Universidad del Deporte Cubano

22 Aug 2022

The Sants Open Tournament

📍I heard about the Catalan Circuit back in 2010. Back then, a Cuban named Lázaro Bruzón reigned over almost all of Catalonia: Badalona, ​​Montcada, Barberá, San Juan. Years before, Fidel Corrales (2008) and Omar Almeida Quintana (2009) did it.

Now, two Cubans march at full speed through these horizons, Dylan Berdayes and Ernesto Javier Fernandez. In addition to Chanel Martínez, a 20-year-old, one of the main chess players in her category in the Antillean country.

📸The images are from the Sants Open Tournament, based in a neighborhood known for its station, traditional festivals and enthusiastic people from the center of Barcelona.

Dylan accumulates 3 of 3, and Ernestico, 2.5 in the same number of rounds.

❤️The atmosphere of the place is impressive:

-a silence that breaks the usual hubbub of Sants,

-players of various nationalities, especially from India, who have achieved incredible potential in the 64-square universe. Those who know that you have to be very careful with an Indian player without Elo, or with little, say. This is because the number does not really reflect their strength on the board, due to the level in India, where they lose a lot and come to Europe to recover 😅.

-Large audience in the stands watching the games on the projector. No one moves, parents analyzing the plays with their children, others adjust their caps to take a good look.

🗓 The tournament runs until the 28th of this month, but the circuit continues towards Sabadell. Successes for Dylan, Ernestico and Chanel.

Rogmary García

21 Aug 2022

Francisco Martínez in Memoriam 2022

The Guillermo García Palace is activated again, with the celebration of the 11th edition of "Francisco Martínez", with athletes from Camagüey, Ciego de Ávila, Sancti Spíritus, Cienfuegos, Matanzas, Mayabeque, Artemisa, Havana and the host province. 🎂 There is also a Swiss group of the Under-12 Category🍇🍕 


13 Aug 2022


With tremendous discipline and organization, the VILLA SANTIAGO chess tournament concluded yesterday in the hero city. 4 groups were held. But the second was dominated by 3 foreign women who did not allow any local man to speak, and it turns out that the 3 without women from Consecrated chess players from our province. We saw the work and preparation of the coaches. Thanks to the referee and players in total. In the other groups there were surprises. To prepare for other events.

María Eugenia Ruiz Aguirre

13 Aug 2022

New International Titles for Cuba

Female Grand Master

Miranda Llanes, Yerisbel

International Master

Garcia Matos, Richard Alejandro

Woman International Teacher

Hernandez Gil, Ineymig

International Arbitrator

Arribas Robaina, Maritza

Ochoa Feria, Alfredo Rodolfo


Federación Cubana de Ajedrez

10 Aug 2022


Great sporting results were achieved by the Cuban chess teams in the World Olympiad, held in Chennai, India, with the participation of some 190 nations.

Cuba topped Latin America by finishing 19th in both genders and was second only to powerhouse USA in the Americas.

The female team won 7 matches, drew one and lost 3, while the men won 6 matches, drew 3 and lost only 2.

By countries, Uzbekistan was the Champion in the absolute tournament while Ukraine was crowned in the women's section.

Regardless of several absences of players who no longer represent the Cuban Federation, the country has shown a high level of science and continues to be a continental power. !! Congratulations!!

Nevay Machado Radio-Deportes

7 Aug 2022

Chess of the Americas

  Carlos Rivero González, the main leader of the Cuban federation, is elected by a wide margin as President of Zone 2.3 of FIDE.

At good Time! Congratulations

Federación Cubana de Ajedrez


6 Aug 2022
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